Water Supply Systems

For consistent water pressure from mains outlets to Water Authority or Council specifications.

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Water Supply Systems

Aquatec’s Water Supply Systems maintain consistent water pressure
to users from mains outlets to meet Water Authority or Council specifications.

Our Technical Consultants work with architects, hydraulic and civil engineers to develop customised solutions for sub-divisions, large scale industrial, commercial and public buildings for potable water supply, along with areas that require raw water for irrigation reticulation systems.

—  Booster Systems
—  Fixed Speed Systems
—  Variable Speed Systems
—  Multiple Pumps

Design Innovation

Cardinia Lakes
Aquatec’s large-scale Water Booster Pumping Station at Cardinia Lakes maintains water pressures and flows to a large sub division between elevations of RL90 and RL110 metres. Our Technical Consultants partnered with lead developers and consultants to create a custom solution designed to meet South East Water’s specifications.

Variable Speed Systems


  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Neighbourhoods with varying pressure supply