Concrete Pump Stations

Concrete Pump Stations form an integral part of Australia’s infrastructure & perform a vital service for the community.

Aquatec's Precast Concrete Pump Stations are structurally engineered to deliver on individual project specifications, operational requirements and site conditions. 

For the past 30 years, Aquatec’s commitment to product integrity has remained central to our daily operations. Government and Industry Bodies regularly consult with Aquatec for guidance on best practice product development and safety standards. Expert advice across Australian Standards, WSAA and WHS regulations together with recommendations on the latest global innovations combine to deliver a customised solution for the long-term.


ISO9001: 2008 Accreditation
WSAA Appraisal No. 10/11
Designed to comply with Australian Standards

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Design Innovation

Aquatec's Concrete Pump Station designs have received recognition from WHS Industry Bodies & Water Authorities for setting new standards in environmental risk management, safety & serviceability.

Mould-Formed Construction & One Piece Cover Slab

Our precast Pump Stations are mould-formed to deliver a smooth, impervious finish with a minimum concrete strength of 50MPa. Special mix (S50) cement and   a hard steel-moulded finish ensures  consistent cover over reinforcement. The one-piece cover slab is capable of housing the lids, switchboard cubicle, vent stack and RPZ assembly, eliminating any additional on-site concrete works.


One-piece Chamber Base & Sludge Batter

The precast Pump Station base and sludge batter are poured as one piece to strengthen the overall structure, while the steep 56° sludge batter is shaped to prevent solids build-up, eliminating dead zones behind pump pedestals.

Integral Valve Chamber

In the mid 1990’s, Aquatec registered the design rights for Australia’s first & only Integral Valve Chamber, featuring industry leading operational & safety benefits for maintenance personnel.

Integral Valve Chamber
Engineered to eliminate the line-up of separate valve chambers, Aquatec’s one-piece Integral Valve Chamber prevents differential ground settlement.The 90º dismantling elbows are located inside the integral valve chamber, facilitating the safe and easy removal of pipework and valves for maintenance personnel without entering the wet well.


External Valve Chambers
Aquatec provide flexibility by offering a range of precast external valve chambers to accommodate pipework of any size. Our standard moulds are poured in a controlled factory environment and delivered to site as a complete unit to increase time and cost efficiencies

Liners & Coatings

Aquatec’s Liners & Coatings are applied in a controlled factory environment to increase the lifespan of your asset.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Liners
Aquatec’s H2S resistant HDPE Liners lock into all concrete surfaces for protection against corrosive gases and provide longer life to the Pump Station.

Epoxy Coatings
Aquatec’s H2S resistant Epoxy Coatings increase the lifespan of the Pump Station, enhance visibility and produce a non-stick surface to prevent build-up of solids on wet well walls and floor.

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    Product Design

    Aquatec’s innovative product designs have achieved benchmark status with State Governments, Local Water Authorities & Councils.

    Hydraulic Design

    Aquatec takes an unbiased approach to hydraulic design to maximise pump efficiency and product longevity, calculated in accordance with Water Authority requirements and the WSA sewerage code.

    Aquatec works closely with our clients to deliver expert knowledge across flows, friction loss, static lift, atmosphere, pipe sizing and air locks.

    Design & Drawing Services

    We deliver a full set of drawings customised to meet the unique needs of your project. Our Technical Consultants establish a detailed understanding of site conditions to determine Pump Station size, flow rate, head pressure, storage requirements and layout solutions.

    Product Integrity

    Government & Industry Bodies regularly consult with Aquatec for guidance on best practice product development & safety standards.

    Manufacturing Process

    Aquatec’s precast Concrete Pump Stations are manufactured in a controlled factory environment under strict ISO 9001:2008 standards. Proprietary mould designs are precast and manufactured to exact specifications.

    Unlike cast in-situ Pump Stations, our product quality is not subject to weather, site conditions and associated time delays.

    Quality Control

    Aquatec’s manufacturing process is subject to a series of strict quality control measures to achieve superior product quality:

    • Engineered to withstand loadings
    • Intensely vibrated
    • Curing time
    • Concrete strength
    • Controlled cover to reinforcement
    • Checklists / hold points
    • Concrete batch serial numbers
    • Transportation

    Environmental Benefits

    Aquatec’s Concrete Pump Stations offer considerable environmental benefits over Pump Stations poured in-situ.

    The Eco Choice

    Our Pump Stations are delivered to site as a precast unit, minimising excavation periods and disruption to flora and fauna. Our proprietary Integral Valve Chamber requires less space in the overall design, resulting in a smaller environmental footprint.

    Every Concrete Pump Station design considers a provision for additional storage vessels to safeguard the environment against the potential risk of effluent overflow.

    Guaranteed Seal Integrity

    Aquatec applies a proven mastic sealant to all joints to deliver a guaranteed impregnable vessel, protecting the environment from sewer contamination and the sewage pumping station from ground water ingress.

    Safety & Serviceability

    Aquatec incorporates advanced safety features into the design of every Concrete Pump Station for the safety of installation & maintenance personnel, setting new standards in safety & serviceability.

    External Maintenance Access
    Aquatec’s Concrete Pump Stations are designed so that most components within the wet well can be serviced externally without entering the chamber, eliminating the need for confined space entry permits and reducing safety risks for maintenance personnel. 

    Reduced Excavation Periods

    Site excavations are often left unnecessarily exposed for long periods of time, presenting serious safety risks for installation personnel.

    Aquatec’s modular precast Pump Station designs feature rotational locating keys on each segment and one-piece Integral Valve Chamber increments to decrease installation time, reducing the excavation period required during installation.

    Access & Installation Safety

    Our product designs have dramatically reduced the likelihood of accidents by incorporating external maintenance & access methods.

    Stainless Steel Swift Lifts

    Within the base increment, 316 Stainless Steel “rated swift- lifts” enable safe, easy removal of lifting clasps during installation, eliminating any corrosion throughout the reinforcement.


    Access Covers

    Available in 316 stainless steel, aluminium, galvanised or cast iron, Aquatec’s wet well Access Covers feature a WHS approved safety grid as standard, providing an added lay flat, safety fall arrest system for maintenance personnel. Standard options are available, or custom solutions can be manufactured to specification.

    Optional Safety Accessories

    Lifting Devices

    Aquatec offers a range of lifting devices to enable safe pump removal for maintenance personnel in accordance with WHS requirements.

    Rated Anchor Points
    Aquatec’s Rated Anchor Points are cast into the cover slab at various locations for securing lifelines and harnesses, delivering a superior fall protection solution for maintenance personnel when required.

    Access Ladders & Landings
    Aquatec's Access Ladders and Landings are incorporated into product designs where internal well access is required in accordance with WHS standards. Available in 316 stainless steel, galvanised, powder coated or glass reinforced plastic, with non-slip knurled rungs for added safety protection.

    Aquatec’s range of permanent and portable Handrails offer additional safety protection for maintenance personnel in accordance with AS 1657-1992 or Water Authority requirements. Available in stainless steel, galvanised steel, powder coated or aluminium.

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      Telemetry, Monitoring & Control Systems

      Aquatec’s custom approach to Control Systems delivers a consistently high level of operational integrity.

      Pump Controls
      Designed to deliver on individual Water Authority and Council requirements, Aquatec’s Control Systems are manufactured to AS3000 electrical specifications with an emphasis on quality. From small wall-mounted controls to sophisticated, freestanding multi-­door controllers, our solutions achieve optimum equipment protection, service reliability, ease of operation and simplified maintenance.

      Level Controls
      Aquatec offers a variety of methods for level control, including float systems, hydrostatic pressure transducers, ultrasonic, radar and probes.

      Telemetry & Monitoring Systems
      Tailored to adapt to the host off-­site control unit, Aquatec’s telemetry SCADA Monitoring, phone dialing and BMS systems cater for all types of applications.

      Odour Controls

      Aquatec's range of Odour Control Systems reduce unpleasant odours while extending the life your asset.

      Ventillation Systems
      Aquatec’s Vent Stack and Odour Filter Systems extract unpleasant odours, noxious and corrosive gases from Pump Stations, surrounding buildings, homes, sewer lines and confined spaces. Manufactured with UV resistant PVC, FRP, powdercoated steel, galvanised steel or 316 Stainless Steel, our Ventilation Systems are built to withstand long periods of exposure to Australia’s harsh climate.

      Wet Well Wastewater Conditioners
      Aquatec’s unique Wet Well Conditioners recycle and return wastewater back into the well to homogenise solids. This eliminates the need for water supply and prevents the build up of grease, fats, oils and increases dissolved oxygen levels. Clean out cycles are reduced by as much as 95% and liquid chemical usage is reduced by as much as 35%.

      Wet Well Washers
      Aquatec’s Wet Well Washers eliminate the need for manual cleaning of wet well walls and components, preventing build-up of corrosive fat residues and reducing infrastructure corrosion. Manufactured from high-grade stainless steel, our wet well washers are corrosion resistant, low maintenance and capable of operating via automated control systems.

      Dosing Systems
      Aquatec’s Dosing Systems are customised to deliver on Pump Station depths, diameters, flow rates and detention times. Designed to control odour, septicity and corrosion, Aquatec’s Dosing Systems systematically remove odours and phosphorus build-up over time.


      Concrete Pump Stations

      Aquatec also manufactures Fibreglass Pump Stations and Storage Vessels to specification.

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      Optional Accessories

      Aquatec offers a wide range of Optional Accessories to meet or improve on your project specifications.

      Our Technical Consultants will make recommendations for enhancements to your Concrete Pump Station based on budgets and the unique demands of your application.

      Key Optional Accessories include:

      • Fibreglass Storage Vessels
      • Lighting (internal / external)
      • Mixers
      • Flow Meters (separate pits available)
      • Inlet Valves / Drop Pits
      • Fans & Blowers
      • Scour Lines / Pump Out Points
      • In Series Pumping

      After Sales Service

      Service Warranty
      Aquatec are committed to providing full after sales service, support and long term warranties on all components and workmanship.

      Maintenance Training
      Aquatec’s Maintenance Training caters for existing personnel in need of additional assistance, or new personnel unfamiliar with the operational and maintenance requirements of your Concrete Pump Station.

      Technical & Product Support
      Aquatec’s Technical and Product Support Service responds to any product or technical enquiry, including recommendations on safe-use of our products.


      Model  Number Internal Diameter Integral Valve Increment Size Max Depth (m) Capacity Per Extra Metre (Litre)
      PPM1.2 1200 x 1200mm N/A 300-600mm 5m 1450L
      PPM1 1800mm 1200 x 1200mm 315-1000mm 15m 2500L
      PPM2 2250mm 1500 x 1500mm 300-1500mm 15m 3950L
      PPM3 3200mm 2200 x 1800mm 500-1500mm 15m 8000L