The Duplex System features a heavy duty chamber for multiple residential, commercial or industrial applications.

Aquatec takes a customised approach to the design of Pressure Sewer Systems based on practical requirements and site conditions. Market leading pumps, chambers, control panels, telemetry, reticulation items and accessories are customised to deliver energy efficient, environmentally friendly sewerage systems for the long-term.

ISO9001: 2008 Accreditation
Designed to comply with AS/NZS1546.1:2008

NSW Health Certificate of Accreditation

SA Health Certificate of Accreditation
NT Government Department of Health
and Families

Pump Configuration - Duplex

Duplex Pump Configurations are designed for use across multiple residential dwellings, commercial or industrial applications.

Offering a reliable, cost-effective option for heavy use areas, a pump for regular flow rates is supported by a stand-by pump to cater for peak flow demand. With freestanding or guide channel options available, our Duplex Pump Configurations will operate continuously with zero scheduled maintenance.

*Built to International Standard IP68
*Certified by UL and NEMA
*Tested with full accreditation to NSF47

Duplex Chamber

The Duplex Chamber is 1 metre in diameter, 2.2 metres deep with a 1500 litre total capacity.

Rotationally moulded and manufactured from high-grade virgin polyethylene, Aquatec’s heavy duty Duplex Chambers feature four moulded inlet stubs to eliminate leakage and facilitate multiple inlet connections. Engineered with a unique domed base, the Duplex Chamber is left with a minimum volume after each cycle, delivering a superior odour free system that reduces residual volume and maintenance requirements.

*Built to Australian Standard AS 1546 and SAI Global Standards

SAFE Cover - Duplex

The Duplex SAFE Cover is square to provide direct & easy access to pumps for installation purposes.

As a heavy-duty commercial solution, the Duplex SAFE Cover features a child-safe locking mechanism to prevent pit access by unauthorised personnel or the general public. Manufactured from stainless steel, aluminium or cast iron, the Duplex SAFE Cover is available in a variety of options to account for foot or vehicle traffic across roadways, footpaths, driveways or basements.

*Built to Australian Standard AS 1546 and SAI Global Standards

Other Pressure Sewer Systems

Aquatec takes a customised approach to the design of Pressure Sewer Systems based on practical requirements and site conditions.

Designed for residential single dwellings, Aquatec's fail-safe Enviroplex Pump Configuration operates continuously with zero scheduled maintenance.

Designed for use across residential single dwellings and light commercial applications, Aquatec’s fail-safe Simplex Pump Configuration operates continuously with zero scheduled maintenance.

The Triplex Pump Configuration meets peak flow demands and provides secure back-up across large residential, commercial and industrial developments, subdivisions, nursing homes and caravan parks.

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    System Design

    Government & Industry Bodies regularly consult with Aquatec for guidance on best practice product development & safety standards.

    Design & Drawing Services

    Aquatec’s Design and Drawing Services deliver a full set of drawings inclusive of chamber size, system configuration, hydraulic calculations, storage requirements and layout solutions.

    Expert guidance across Australian Standards, WSAA and WHS regulations together with recommendations on the latest global innovations combine to deliver a customised solution for the long-term.

    Click here to request our Pressure Sewer Design Literature.

    Hydraulic Design

    Aquatec’s Hydraulic Engineers specialise in the development of efficiencies across sewer lines to rising mains.

    Recommendations on pipe sizing, calculation of friction, velocity, retention times, air release requirements, number of pumps operating and average daily use per dwelling are modelled on our extensive research probabilities.

    Click here to complete our Pressure Sewer Project Survey Sheet.

    Reticulation Layout

    Aquatec works together with Water Authorities, Councils, Consultants and Engineers to develop reticulation solutions that minimise disruption to existing services, streetscapes, residents and the environment, while achieving best practice design and delivery throughout the network.

    On-Property Design

    Aquatec’s approach to On-property Design determines strategic placement of Pressure Sewer units.

    Combined with close consultations with householders our designs minimise environmental disturbance, while introducing cost effective excavation procedures and most practical location to existing services.

    Product Integrity

    For the past 30 years, product integrity has remained central to our daily operations. As industry leaders, our products are engineered to safeguard against environment leaks & spills.

    Product Integrity

    Aquatec consistently delivers a superior level of product quality through advanced manufacturing processes and strict quality control measures.

    Manufacturing Process

    Aquatec’s Pressure Sewer Systems are manufactured in a controlled factory environment under strict ISO 9001:2008 and SAI Global standards. Proprietary designs are pre-moulded to exact specifications, stringently tested and certified prior to delivery.

    Finite Element Analysis

    Finite Element Analysis (FEA) ensures Aquatec’s designs comply with AS/NZS 1546.1:2008 and AS/NZS 4766.1:2006, providing guaranteed performance against changing ground pressures and depth variations.

    Quality Control

    • Computer modeling
    • Finite Element Analysis
    • Controlled factory conditions
    • Computerised winders for controlled wall thickness (fibreglass)
    • Checklists / hold points
    • Third party Engineer’s certificates
    • Transportation
    • Installation audits
    • Testing of chambers to AS/NZS standards
    • Testing and result recording of each pump

    Telemetry & Control Systems

    Aquatec's Telemetry & Control Systems deliver remote monitoring, operational & management capabilities in real time from your office or smartphone.

    Customised to deliver long-term operational cost reductions for multiple pressure sewer connections, our systems allow full control providing real time monitoring and analysis of trends to maximise whole of life and reduce capital costs.

    Telemetry & Control Systems

    Remote Operational Capabilities

    • Emergency / wet weather shut-downs
    • Programmed maintenance
    • Off-peak pump operation
    • Combined operation for self-scouring rising mains
    • Even flows to treatment plant to minimise high-pressure and flow scenarios


    • Prioritise operation after power failure based on effluent level
    • Adjustable pumping level set points
    • Change operation mode
    • Slow or shut-down pumps
    • Stop and re-start specific sites


    Remote Monitoring Capabilities

    • Blockage identification
    • Capacity readings
    • Google maps real-time overview
    • Full control of individual and multiple sites
    • Complete visibility of pump locations
    • Real-time overview of each pump
    • Tank storage levels

    Data-Driven Results

    • Reduce routine inspections
    • Scale back regular maintenance
    • Determine peak flow demand
    • Identify leaks / illegal connections
    • Prioritise and schedule site response

    Options Accessories

    Stainless Steel Enclosure
    Aquatec’s powder coated, grade 316 Stainless Steel Enclosures provide long-term corrosion protection of control panel electrics. Fitted with a key lock for added security and vandal protection, our Stainless Steel Enclosures are prefabricated for immediate installation.

    Generator Back-up
    Aquatec’s Generator Back-up solutions are externally mounted with a mains changeover switch, providing a readily accessible external power connection during periods of prolonged power failure.

    Battery Back-up for Alarms

    Aquatec’s Battery Back-up solutions provide a secondary back-up power source during periods of power failure. A high quality dry cell battery built-in to the control panel is continually charged to ensure alarms continue to function throughout power failure events.

    Control Systems

    Key lockable IP65 enclosure
    90Db audible alarm with automatic mute
    High-level alarm (low voltage) strobe light
    Single pump control
    Microprocessor based operation
    Compatible with level switches
    Compatible with level transducers
    Brown out protection
    Over Pressure Protection
    Backlit LCD screen to display system status (optional)
    Hours run & pump start counter
    Adjustable start delay after power failure
    Automatic mute with 24hr start
    Anti-seize activation
    Level display with adjustable pump & alarm activation points (transducer)
    Telemetry & SCADA packages for Water Authority & Council requirements
    LED status indication

    Level Controls

    Aquatec offers a variety of methods for level control, from simple level monitoring & control to remote real level display & operation

    Float Switches
    Aquatec's Float Switches are capable of operating pumps or alarms either integral with the pump or wired directly to the control panel connection.

    • Consistent and reliable long life performance
    • Double liquid and raw sewerage proof chamber protecting the inside mechanism
    • Smooth, circular shape ideal for Pressure Sewer applications
    • Simple and proven operation

    Hydrostatic Transducer
    Aquatec's Hydrostatic Transducers deliver offsite monitoring and control of sewerage levels with pinpoint accuracy via desktop or smartphone, providing a superior level of reliability and precision over solid state sensors.

    • Provides incremental liquid level via signal output
    • Compact design
    • Wholly protected sensor body
    • Industry Standard IP68 submergence rating
    • Flush ceramic diaphragm to withstand chemicals, fats and grime
    • Designed to function continuously in challenging conditions
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      IP68 Fully Submersible Pumps

      With an International Protection Rating of IP68, Aquatec's pumps hold the highest levels of protection on the market today.

      Aquatec’s Pressure Sewer Pumps withstand flooding, ground and stormwater ingress. Unlike dry well alternatives, Aquatec’s fully submersible pumps provide continuous operation in wet or dry conditions.

      Safety Features

      Aquatec’s pumps eliminate electrical dangers when flooded, delivering the highest levels of WHS compliance for maintenance personnel, homeowners and the general public. With Aquatec's fail-safe pumps, there is no requirement to enter the chamber.

      • Electrical dangers eliminated when flooded
      • Can be safely removed for maintenance purposes
      • No requirement to access the chamber
      • No confined space permits required
      • IP68 Quick plug disconnection

      Pump Options

      OGT - Omni Grind Turbine

      Aquatec's Omni Grind Turbine pump combines high head capabilities with low amp technology to offer a 20 year life* which in turn eliminates the 10 year replacement of a progressive cavity pump.



      * Tested for the equivalent of 20 years usage for domestic sewer applications

      Performance Capabilities

      • New innovation turbine technology
      • Low amp centrifugal technology
      • Residential, industrial and commercial applications
      • Smaller cutter radius for greater ability to grind fibrous materials
      • Special Aerospace Industry coating to prevent abrasion
      • Minimal wearing parts
      • Flows up to 1.25 l/s giving higher scouring velocities
      • Capable and tested to operate at 80m continuously giving greater flexibility for network design
      • Certified by BSI to NSF/ANSI 46

      Pump Options

      OGP - Omni Grinder Plus +

      Aquatec's Omni Grinder Plus + combines the high head capabilities of a Progressive Cavity Pump with the long life of a Centrifugal Grinder Pump.

      Performance Capabilities

      • For commercial, industrial and large scale residential applications
      • Withstands floods from ground flood and storm water ingress
      • Fully submersible up to 9 metres
      • No solids built up or odour issues
      • In-built non-return and antisiphon valve
      • Recessed vortex impellers for higher flows with reduced wear over time
      • Flows up to 1.8 L/s
      • Capable and tested to operate at 60m
      • 1.5kw motor
      • Available in single and three phase
      • Dynamically balanced

      Pump Options

      SGPC Progressive Cavity Grinder Pump

      Aquatec's Progressive Cavity Grinder Pump offers a traditional design with proven long life components and a continuously rated, fully submersible IP68 motor.

      Performance Capabilities

      • For smaller residential applications
      • Withstands flooding from ground, flood and storm water ingress
      • Fully submersible up to 9 metres
      • No solids build-up or odour issues
      • In-built non-return and antisiphon valve
      • Flows to 0.8L/s
      • Capable and tested to operate at 80m
      • .45kw motor
      • Grind capabilities
      • Enhanced starting torque


      Aquatec's Slicerator™ features a small diameter, reducing the torque required on start-up. Larger diameter cutters require more torque to start - this increases the likelihood of jamming on start-up.

      Grinding Process Benefits:

      • A small diameter, reducing the torque required on start-up and eliminating jamming with normal use.
      • Operates with a staggered scissor action to slice through difficult objects such as pantyhose, which may be flushed into the sewer system.
      • The entire Pressure Sewer chamber is pumped free of all solids and liquids on start-up
      • Your system remains clean and odourless.
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        Environmental Benefits

        Since the introduction of Pressure Sewer technology to the Australian market, Aquatec has played a pivotal role in replacing septic tanks with sealed Pressure Sewer Systems.

        Reduced Excavation Periods
        Aquatec’s pre-engineered Pressure Sewer Systems are delivered on-site as a complete unit for immediate installation, reducing the period of excavation required and minimising disruption to surrounding flora and fauna.

        Carbon Footprint
        Our systems can be delivered to site, installed, connected and commissioned within an 8 hour time period, heavily reducing C02 emissions associated with prolonged periods of excavation and installation.

        Aerated Treatment
        Aquatec’s pumps incorporate an anti-syphon valve to offload a small, steady stream of effluent back into the chamber to aerate effluent in the tank for ongoing odour reduction.

        Moulded Inlet Stubs
        Aquatec’s Pressure Sewer chambers are engineered with Moulded Inlet Stubs to provide a guaranteed seal between the chamber and inlet pipes. Flexible coupling joins connect pipes from plumbing connections to the chamber, eliminating the need for on-site drilling into chambers and rubber seals prone to environmental leaks and spills.

        Safety Features

        Aquatec’s Pressure Sewer Systems incorporate premium grade pipework & components to safeguard against system failure & corrosion for the long-term.

        16 Bar Rated Pipework
        Aquatec’s 16 bar rated flexible pipework handles up to 160 metres of pressure, providing added safety protection against burst pipes and leaks during scheduled maintenance or system failures.

        316 Grade Stainless Steel Components
        Aquatec’s Pressure Sewer Systems incorporate premium 316 stainless steel components; internal valves, pump stand, tank outlets and quick release camlock connectors are protected for the long-term.

        Individually Fused Circuits
        For added safety protection, every Aquatec Control Panel incorporates individually fused circuits to detect discrepancies and shut down power.

        Quick Disconnect Plug
        Aquatec’s IP68 Quick Disconnect Plug eliminates the need for a qualified electrician, risk of electric shock and features a quick pump change over for your convenience.

        Ground Level Access
        Aquatec’s Pressure Sewer chambers are designed to provide ground level access for the service and maintenance of pumps, valves and level controls, eliminating the need for confined space permits and associated WHS risks to maintenance personnel.

        Safety Options

        Closed Valve Protection (CVP) Switch
        Aquatec’s CVP Switch delivers complete asset protection across reticulation pipework, eliminating excessive pressure build-up and system management during maintenance or power failure. The CVP Switch measures pressure in the reticulation and switches off the pump if pressure exceeds 60 metres head. As pressure decreases, the pump will automatically restart, providing full protection to pumps and reticulation for the life of the asset.

        Safety Grates
        Available in fibreglass, 316 stainless steel or aluminium and rated to AS/NZS 3996, Aquatec’s Safety Grates provide an added lay flat, safety fall arrest system for maintenance personnel.

        Pump Lifting Trolleys
        Designed to eliminate lifting at any stage of pump installation or maintenance, Aquatec’s Pump Lifting Trolleys feature adjustable legs and pneumatic tyres to carry heavy weights across uneven or rocky terrain. A winch raises the pump from the well, where it can be simply anchored to the trolley and wheeled to a service vehicle.

        Service Trailers
        Designed and engineered in conjunction with your requirements, Aquatec’s Service Trailers are purpose built, self contained and fully stocked with a generator, retractable ramps, pressure washer, spare parts and tools to provide the ultimate in pressure sewer maintenance support.

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          Accredited Training


          Duplex - Pressure Sewer

          Aquatec also manufactures alternative, single and triple pump Pressure Sewer Systems to specification.

          Related Products




          Optional Accessories

          Aquatec offers a wide range of Optional Accessories to meet or improve on your project specifications. 


          Our Technical Consultants make recommendations for enhancements to your Pressure Sewer System based on budgets and the unique demands of your application.

          Key Optional Accessories include:

          • Full Range of Custom Chambers
          • External Storage Vessels
          • Service Trailer
          • Access Covers
          • Odour Controls
          • Pump Lifting Trolley

          After Sales Service

          Service Warranty
          Aquatec are committed to providing full after sales service, support and long term warranties on all components and workmanship.

          Technical & Product Support
          Aquatec's Technical and Product Support Service responds to any product or technical enquiry, including recommendations on safe use of our products. Call 1300 088 555.

          System Maintenance Management
          Aquatec’s nationwide network of Accredited Maintenance Providers cover urban and rural areas with a same day response policy. Where system faults or maintenance issues arise, our call centre identifies the closest maintenance provider to streamline delivery and minimise cost for Councils and Water Authorities.

          Power Failure Logistics
          Aquatec’s Power Failure Logistics service identifies issues across the network post power failure. Our Technical Consultants stage start-ups based on emergency overflows and user demands, providing an active management solution for treatment plants, Councils and Water Authorities


          Models Litres (Nominal) Diameter Depth Depth to Inlet (max)
          PSS900 900 1.2m 1.45m 0.9m
          PSS1100 1100 1.0m 1.6m 1.1m
          PSS1500 1500 1.0m 2.2m 1.7m
          PSS3000 3000 1.5m 2.2m 1.7m
          PSS5000 5000 1.5m 3.0m 2.4m
          PSS7500 7500 1.85m 3.0m 2.4m
          PSS10000 10000 2.2m 3.0m 2.4m
          PSS15000 15000 2.5m 3.5m 2.9m