Monster Solids Handling Systems

The patented Muffin Monster® design has established new standards in product performance and reliability.

Monster Solids Handling Systems

Wastewater Treatment

JWC Environmental has over 30,000 successful Monster installations around the world in a wide range of municipal wastewater applications. Grinding, screening, solids reduction and solids processing equipment is designed specifically for headworks, pump stations, pump protection, digester protection, centrifuge protection, sludge grinding, storm overflow, and more.

The Muffin Monster® grinders protect pumps and sludge dewatering equipment from clogging. They help prevent torn belts and damaged rollers in belt presses. These grinders facilitate a balanced and efficient centrifuge operation, and after dewatering, they ensure uniform particle size for easy handling and disposal. Eliminate equipment downtime and reduce your maintenance costs.

The Auger Monster, Channel Monster, Honey Monster and Screenings Washer Monster ensure solids are obliterated and removed from the waste stream. The benefits include:

  • Capture, grind and remove more solids than alternative technologies.
  • Cleaner, dewatered screenings.
  • Minimize labor-intensive waste handling, reduce transport costs and pay less to landfill.
  • Protect pumps and minimize costly downtime.
  • Modular design installs easily without civil work.
  • Monsters do not require enclosures or buildings


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Muffin Monster Grinders

Wipes Ready Technology

What's up with wipes?

  • Wipes are very popular with consumers
  • Pump stations everywhere are clogging with wipes
  • Worker safety issues
  • Higher maintenance costs
  • Higher electrical costs due to inefficient pumps

Why wipes ready Muffin Monster?

  • Prevent Pump damage & eliminate pushing problem down-stream.
  • Prevent wipes reweaving
  • Push removal to Finescreens in the headworks


Muffin Monster Grinders - 10k

Compact and Efficient Grinder for Sewage and Sludge

The 10K Series Muffin Monster® is a compact grinder, tough on solids in sewage and sludge applications. It fits into areas with limited space requirements while still providing the necessary power for downstream protection, and overall, reducing maintenance costs, downtime and operator inconvenience. This efficient grinding solution can solve many sewage and sludge pumping problems at resource recovery facilities. It also fits perfectly into sewage pump stations located at apartment complexes, resorts, retail centers and package treatment plants.


  • Dual shafted grinder handles heavy debris loading
  • Available with 4” (100mm) & 6” (150mm) pipe sizes and flush ports
  • Flanges drilled to ANSI Class 150
  • Hex driven cartridge rated to 90 psi (6 bar) operating pressure
  • Stronger and more energy efficient than macerators
  • Top and bottom bearings prevent shaft deflection and wear
  • Controller senses overload and auto-reverses to prevent blockages
  • Small footprint allows grinder to fit almost anywhere

Muffin Monster 30k

World’s Leading Sewage Grinder

The patented Muffin Monster® design has established new standards in product performance and reliability due to decades of technical advancements and innovative design improvements. These rugged sewage grinding machines shred almost any material capable of disrupting your system. With over 40,000 installations, the Muffin Monster sewage grinder has proven itself in the most demanding wastewater solids reduction applications including: pump stations; sludge lines; septage receiving stations; prisons and more.


  • Dual shafted sewage and sludge grinder
  • Inline grinder offers easy to remove cutter cartridge
  • In-channel grinder offers high-flow side rails (patented)
  • Low-speed, high-torque grinder
  • Adapts to pipelines or channels with little or no modification
  • Ease and flexibility of installation
  • More capable of grinding large debris than macerators
  • Energy saving and efficient motor

Muffin Monster 40k

Prevent Wipes and Debris from Wrecking Your Pump Stations and Treatment Facilities

The rugged 40K Series Muffin Monster® grinding machine shred almost any material capable of disrupting your system. The larger Muffin Monster excels in wet and dry grinding applications. It’s a powerful shredder for large pump stations and large sludge processing systems. It also serves in many industrial applications including fish and beef processing, petroleum, pulp and paper mills, chemical plants, and recycling plants.


  • Dual shafted sewage or sludge grinder
  • Low-speed, high-torque grinder
  • Available with 7 or 11 tooth hardened steel cutters
  • 5-10 HP (3.7-7.5 kW) energy efficient motors available
  • More capable of grinding large solids than macerators
  • Adapts to pipelines or channels with little or no modification
  • Ease and flexibility of installation
  • Energy saving and efficient motor

In-Channel and In-Line Application

Example of In-Channel and In-Line Application

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    Channel Monsters

    Channel Monster Grinders

    • High flow sewage grinder
    • Dual shaft grinder
    • Automated controller
    • Low maintenance

    Channel Monster CMD - Single Drum

    • Single screening drum
    • Flows up to 294 L/s
    • Low speed, high torque
    • Flow pattern moves wipes into the cutting chamber

    CDD - Double Drum

    • Twin screening drums
    • Flows up to 2585 L/s
    • Low speed, high torque
    • Flow pattern moves wipes into the cutting chamber
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      Screening Systems

      Screening Systems

      1. Screen
      2. Screenings transport (sluiceway/belt/screw conveyor)
      3. Washer/compactor

      Bar Screen Monster

      Quick removal of heavy debris
      Bar rack is replacable one bar at a time

      Delivered fully assembled

      Fine Screen Monster

      High capture efficiency
      Two-stage process with modular brushing system and wash water jets help ensure the screen remains clean and clear

      Side and bottom seal strips to prevent debris from passing around screen

      Chain & Rake Screenings Monster System

      • Quick removal of heavy debris in order to protect downstream processes
      • Grinds, washes, dewaters and compacts screenings
      • Reduces volume of screenings up to 95%
      • Lowers disposal costs and improves landfill acceptability

      Bandscreen Monster System

      High capture rate
      Spray bar keeps the screen panels clear
      Reduces volume of screenings up to 95%

      Watch bandscreen capture

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