Water & Wastewater Reuse

Built to the ISO9001 Quality Management System

Water & Wastewater Reuse

Aquatec’s Water & Wastewater Reuse systems are designed on a project-by-project basis to provide tailored solutions that exceed local regulatory requirements.

From treatment through to distribution, Aquatec’s systems are responsive to site accessibility, quality control, reliability of supply and ongoing maintenance requirements. Our Technical Engineers partner with environmental and wastewater consultants to plan, design and deliver treatment solutions across Council, Water Authority, commercial and industrial applications.

Why we treat

Water and Wastewater Reuse systems reduce demand on potable water supplies and contribute to a sustainable, forward thinking approach to water management and conservation.

Aquatec’s reuse systems recycle stormwater, rainwater or industrial water to generate alternative sources for municipal or industrial processes, or any instance where secondary water is deemed a suitable alternative to potable water.

System Configuration

To develop solutions configured for efficiency, compliance and sustainability, Aquatec assists our customers with a comprehensive approach to modelling, mechanical and electrical design.

System Modelling
Water source, flow, quality and distribution underpin the design of Aquatec’s Water and Wastewater Reuse systems. Together with a thorough understanding of existing site infrastructure and local requirements, our systems are developed to service any municipal or industrial demand.


Mechanical Design
Aquatec manufactures world-class components and innovations to build systems with environmental integrity and operational longevity. Location, spatial constraints and surrounding infrastructure are central to Aquatec’s mechanical designs, with every solution purpose-built and tested prior to installation.

Electrical Design
Aquatec’s approach to electrical design is responsive to the unique make-up of the treatment train. Our control panels are purpose-built to Water Authority or Council specifications and exceed AS3000 requirements.

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    System Integrity

    Government and Industry Bodies regularly consult with Aquatec for guidance on best practice product development and safety standards.

    For the past 30 years, Aquatec’s commitment to product integrity has remained central to our daily operations. As industry leaders, our products are engineered to safeguard against environment leaks and spills and provide consistent water quality.

    Manufacturing & Quality

    Manufacturing Process
    Aquatec’s Water and Wastewater Treatment systems are manufactured in a controlled factory environment under strict ISO 9001:2008 and standards. Proprietary Storage Tanks are stringently tested and certified prior to delivery.

    Quality Control
    Aquatec’s manufacturing process is subject to a series of strict quality control measures to achieve superior product quality. Every system is factory pretested under simulated site conditions prior to dispatch:

    • Critical path hold points
    • Pressure tested
    • Checked against as built drawings
      ‘for construction’
    • Engineer’s review
    • Pre-delivery performance
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      Treatment Options

      After Sales Service

      Service Warranty
      Aquatec are committed to providing full after sales service, support and long term warranties on all components and workmanship.

      Maintenance Training
      Aquatec’s Maintenance Training caters for existing personnel in need of additional assistance, or new personnel unfamiliar with the operational and maintenance requirements of your Concrete Pump Station.

      Technical & Product Support
      Aquatec’s Technical and Product Support Service responds to any product or technical enquiry, including recommendations on safe-use of our products.


      Aquatec harvests water or wastewater for reuse across municipal, industrial and private developments.

      The water is captured at the source, then treated, stored and distributed, reducing use of potable water across areas where recycled water presents as an economically viable, environmentally friendly water management solution.

      Applications Stormwater Rainwater Industrial Water
      Toilet Flushing    
      Garden Irrigation  
      Car Washing    
      Public Reserves    
      Playing Fields    
      Golf Courses    
      Wash-down Water  
      Cooling Towers    
      Process Water    
      Dust Suppression    
      Vehicle Washing    
      Shower Water    
      Laundry Water    
      Kitchen Drinking Water    
      Boiler Systems    
      Cooling Towers