Cornerstone Eduction Vessel, Werribee VIC

Delivering a timely and cost-effective solution as a trusted wastewater advisor, in the last stages of an 86 hectare development

Breese Pitt Dixon (BPD)
Werribee, VIC

A new estate set over 86 hectares in Werribee, Victoria, required sewer eduction in the final stages of the project on a tight timeframe.

Delivering under pressure

With minimal sewer capacity left between Stages 8 and 9 of the Cornerstone Werribee community, the client was facing additional costs associated with sewer educting.

Breese Pitt Dixon were looking for a cost effective, timely (both in approvals and installation) and reliable product that would be approved by the Water Authority. BPD’s previous experiences with Aquatec meant that Aquatec were the only company they sought to design, supply and install an eduction tank.

Aquatec were able to have proposal and design through to them in 12 weeks – meeting their tight deadline – and the developer Peet were able to meet their practical completion date.

“We have always received efficient, proactive service from Aquatec in the past and work exclusively with them on our projects that require water and wastewater solutions. We would recommend Aquatec for any future works of this nature.”

— Rohan Jarvis – Director, Breese Pitt Dixon

Custom solutions for any application

Aquatec’s solution included design, supply and installation of a fibreglass storage vessel 2000mm dia x 14000mm long.

Aquatec’s fibreglass storage vessels are structurally engineered to deliver on individual project specifications. Our technical consultants respond to pre-planned specifications, or submit recommendations to meet operational requirements and site condition.

Each storage vessel is delivered to site as a one-piece unit, reducing time and costs associated with lengthy excavations. All penetrations and wall fixings in the structure are carried out in the factory with compatible materials, to eliminate the possibility of ingress or egress.