10k Grinder

Muffin Monster Wipes Ready Cutters, Nambour, QLD

A caravan park operator needed “a machine that could handle anything that was thrown at it.” We delivered.

Nambour Caravan Park
Nambour, QLD

The Nambour Caravan Park, located in Kulangoor, Queensland, was experiencing large amounts of wipes coming into its sewer pump station which caused pump blockages. In an attempt to fix this, a removable filter basket was installed into the inlet manhole to capture the solids. While the basket prevented the wipes, rags and other sanitary products entering the pump station, it proved to be a maintenance nightmare. The basket had to be cleaned and all solids had to be taken away every day.

Aquatec was approached to solve the problem. We did this through the installation of a 10K Muffin Monster grinder.


The right machine for the job

The 10K Muffin Monster grinder, fitted with the JWC-exclusive Wipes Ready cutters, was the perfect solution to the problem.
The Wipes Ready Muffin Monsters cut wipes in two directions, which is unlike any other grinders that only cut in a single direction. The benefits of the two-way cut is that the wipes are reduced to a minimal size, eliminating reweaving of wipes after the grind.

Since the grinder was installed, the need for daily maintenance of the pump station has been eliminated and there have been no pump blockages.

“Previously it was taking 45 minutes to an hour, plus using 150 to 200 litres of water per day, to clean the basket. Instead, I believe Aquatec have a superior user-friendly product and their service is second-to-none! The payback period for the installation of the Muffin Monster would only be one-and-a-half to two years.”

— Michael Forster, Nambour Caravan Park Operator