Pallara Concrete Pump Station, QLD

Shadforth Civil Contractors
Pallara, QLD

Designing and constructing a Caisson-style Concrete Sewer Pump Station for a new residential development, meeting both water authority requirements and a tight deadline.

Enabling new communities to grow

The small, relatively undeveloped suburb of Pallara, on the outskirts of Brisbane, Queensland, is currently undergoing significant expansion.

The new residential development consists of approximately 1150 lots in the initial phase and up to 3500 in the long term. This required Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) to provide new sewer infrastructure on a tight time frame.

Aquatec were able to design and construct a Caisson-style Concrete Pump Station and Ferric Chloride Dosing Plant for Shadforth, complete to QUU specifications and capable of servicing the entire community.

“Excellent service top to bottom. The whole team seem to be on the same page and understand the company values, which results in a great product delivered.”

— Michael Bishop – Regional Construction Manager, Shadforth

Project Requirements

The Aboriginal name Pallara means ‘flat land’, referring to the flat landscape that required a pump station to be utilised, rather than a traditional gravity sewer connection.

Aquatec’s solution included the design and construction of a Caisson concrete pump station 3200mm diameter x 9000mm deep with an eventual future capacity of 82 litres/second.

Due to the poor ground conditions and extremely high water table of the site, the project was better suited to a ‘Caisson’ solution rather than an open cut excavation. This meant Shadforth needed to partner with a company that was skilled, flexible and experienced.

Working as one to deliver comprehensive solutions

Reliability and timelines were of utmost importance to Shadforth on this project. Deadlines were crucial to the client and the whole team had to acknowledge this.

Previous experience in similar projects was another important factor, and Shadforth have a great history of delivering successful water and wastewater projects with Aquatec.

Of greater value than the final product itself was Aquatec’s people and their commitment to innovation and excellence. The cohesion among the team and the level of service provided allowed Shadforth to satisfy the tight deadline imposed by the client.